Teaching Philosophy

My teaching is based on the following principles:

- music is fun, and one of the most enjoyable activities (to me, the most enjoyable!) to engage in
- everyone has an innate musical ability and my objective as a teacher is to bring out the best of that musical ability in all my pupils
- it is never too late or too early to start learning music
- I use a variety of well-established teaching methods (Kodali, Suzuki, the traditional Italian conservatoire method for piano, the “French” flute method) which have been shown to be effective and successful and adapt them as necessary
- I adapt my teaching methods to the needs, abilities and age of each pupil
- I adapt my lessons to the objectives each pupil wants to achieve (to have fun, to make a career out of music, to pass exams) and the repertoire each pupil wants to explore (classical, experimental, jazz...)
- instrument lessons aren’t limited to technique but include a broad musical education which is essential in order to play well

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