Piano Lessons

The piano is the most rich and complete of all instruments, giving you the expressiveness and power of a full orchestra at your fingertips.

Piano lessons are tailored to the needs of each student: I base my teaching methods on the latest evidence-based research in instrumental teaching, coaching and performance practice, and take different approaches depending on the age, circumstances and goals of each student.

The curriculum I follow is the one set out and proven to be successful in the Italian conservatoire, but I adapt this to suit the needs, aims and interests of each individual; piano lessons generally consist of:

- learning correct, healthy and relaxed finger, hand, arm and body posture
- studies to improve aspects of playing such as finger dexterity, coordination, expression (for example Hanon, Heller, Czerny)
- Classic, Romantic and Modern repertoire (for example Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Messiaen, Glass)
- Baroque and polyphonic repertoire (for example Bach and Handel)
- other repertoire, such as Jazz and Rock, or experimental music
- learning musical terms, theory and history of music and issues in performance practice to correctly interpret the repertoire
- listening exercises necessary for a good performance of the repertoire
- if you want to perform in public, preparation for festivals and concerts, or for performance as an accompanist


- if you want to do exams, preparation for the Associated Board exams (both grades 1-8 and advanced Diploma exams) 

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